Repairs & Custom work

The Bead Shop specializes in jewelry repairs, restoration and custom orders.

We restring beads, reknot pearls, clean jewelry, replace stones, restore vintage pieces, and a huge variety of other work. We have extensive experience with repairing CHANEL pearls, Miriam Haskell, and other high end bead work.

If you are interested in any of our services, please make an appointment HERE

A $20 deposit will be taken for all repairs, at the time of drop off or appointment.

The appointment system is designed for you to be able to interact with the person who will be performing your repair. If that is not important to you, or your repair is very simple, you may drop off your repair without an appointment, but minimal information will be exchanged and no live quote can be given. 

An appointment is required for all custom orders, this is because we have a lot of details to ask you and we want you to be very happy with your piece! 

Please note: We do not do any soldering. If your piece is STERLING, GOLD, Gold-filled, platinum, etc. we recommend Symmetry Jewelers in the riverbend. 

Jewelers do not usually solder plated metals. If your piece is not a precious metal, we can work some real magic with jewelers epoxy, so it's worth asking us if we can fix it.