Jewelry making experience

We are so much more than just a bead store. We have a beautiful beading room that you can come and make jewelry in during business hours!

Please read and respect the following guidelines. 

  • Jewelry making experiences start at $15 per chair, with stringing room use and one labor attachment included. If you make more than one piece, each additional piece attached will have a small labor fee. These fees are posted in the room.
  • Stringing room reservations are *highly* encouraged. We cannot guarantee any seating to be available if you don't have a reservation. We WANT you to have a nice time with us, so please make that more possible by letting us know you're coming by! Click HERE for a reservation. 
  • If you're celebrating something or have a group, please here for booking.
  • No food is allowed in our stringing room. 
  • A jewelry making experience is a great step to take before taking a class.
  • When in doubt, just ASK us! We are here to make sure you enjoy your jewelry making experience. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please just reach out and ASK us!

Women making jewelry on the bead shop porch