DIY House Bead Garland Stringing KIT

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Ready to make your own HOUSE size beads?

Get some of those ball pit balls in any colors you like, and then add our KIT! This kit includes a 30 foot spool of STRONG wire made to withstand the elements, and 2 super sturdy 6" needles, perfect for puncturing those beads and making your own beaded garland. Each kit also includes 4 sturdy rings to tie off your garland with. 

Here is our favorite place for the super sturdy thick ball pit balls. NOT Amazon...This is a small business owned by an actual a nice person: 

Click here to go to his website. It's called "AAA Best Buy" 

For extra spools of beading wire from us:  CLICK HERE

For extra bags of split rings from us:  CLICK HERE

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about and why you’d ever need this… here’s a great article on how local New Orleanians kept the Mardi Gras spirit alive in 2021, when Mardi Gras was cancelled due to Covid 19.

We have seen beaded garland used for Mardi Gras decorations, Halloween, Spring Decorations, Christmas and more!