Turquoise Teardrop

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Each of these Turquoise Teardrop strands stand out with unique matrixing. Some say that wearing this stone calms agitation and that its calming energy helps you to release tension and reduce anger. Brighten your mood and your wardrobe with one of these beautiful strands.

A. 14" slightly graduated strand with approximately 53 beads. Each bead ranging in size from 18-24x7mm. 

B. 16" strand with approximately 50 beads. The Bluest strand with each bead ranging in size from 22-24x6mm.

C. 16" graduated strand with approximately 46 beads. Each bead ranging in size from 21-34x6mm.

D. 15" graduated strand with approximately 45 beads. Each bead ranging in size from 23-31x7mm.