South Sea Tahitian Pearl necklace with Diamond Clasp

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This stunning necklace is designed after my (Georgia’s) favorite wardrobe staple. I layer it with chains, wear it with charms clipped in to the front clasp, and wear it alone. Even though the pearls are darker, somehow it ends up being a “neutral” piece. 

Once you go South Sea Tahitians, you can’t stop thinking about them. A splurge but a best seller! 

This is a necklace I make by hand with 14k gold filled wire. It is strong enough for daily wear.
These are not the pearls to save for a gala…
These are pearls meant to be worn, stacked, layered, with everything, even jeans. One of my favorite things about this necklace is that after you wear it the pearls get really warm to the touch. I don’t know what it is about South Sea Tahitian pearls, but they seem to absorb warmth more than others. 
Each one of these pearl necklaces is unique and handmade, one link at a time, with love and light. 
Please reach out if you have any questions. 

This necklace is 18” and has a double sided genuine diamond clasp. 
The pearl teardrop that is shown hanging is included and is removable. 
The clasp is designed to be worn in the front and have different charms or amulets added as you like.

When purchased with the necklace, drop earrings can be added for $50

If you would like yours made longer or shorter, please just let me know. Because it’s handmade, anything is possible! 

The color of these types of pearls is very hard to describe. You will see everything from deep gray, smoky pewter, deep blue, silver, and even golden hues. I do my best to take multiple pictures and videos in multiple types of light. Please enjoy each one to get an idea of the range of colors.