Malachite - Smooth Rounds

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Hypnotic emerald green swirls and a rich azurite mixture make Malachite pop. Green color gemstones always seem to have super strength powers and Malachite is no exception. with its energetic properties, it is said to do an amazing job in encouraging you to let go of old traumas and patterns and to step outside your comfort zone.

e currently offer four different sizes of these memorizing smooth round Malachite beads: 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, and 10mm.

Each strand of 5mm beads measures 15.25" and contains approximately 85 beads.

Each strand of 7mm beads measures 16" and contains approximately 59 beads.

Each strand of 8.5mm beads measures 16" and contains approximately 48 beads.

Each strand of 10mm beads measures 15.75" and contains approximately 41 beads.