3d crystal lacquer glue, gem-tak glue, g-s hypo cement, epoxy 330, e6000 glue on green background


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GS Hypo Cement for securing knots on stretchy cord and nylon cord - used for items that need to remain flexible after the glue dries

E6000 for securing stones, metal, wood, brass or pewter - used for items that do not need to flex after the glue dries

Epoxy 330 is a 2-part epoxy for bonding gem materials to metal findings. It is also used for invisible bonding of glass, china, ceramics, stone, metals and other non-porous materials.

Gem-Tac for embellishing jeans, phones, purses, stones, glasses and more with rhinestones, pearls, glitter and more.

3D Crystal Laquer to create a 3-D effect and beautify any image or craft projects.