COVID Updates: SAFE Shopping guidelines

SAFE shopping guidelines

Please read this entire page before you visit so that you aren’t frustrated and we aren't frustrated.

 Visit with peace, patience and good energy only please! 


  • The store is open for bead shopping only. Our jewelry making room remains closed for drop ins. Jewelry making on site is by APPOINTMENT only. 
  • A face mask going over your mouth and nose is required the entire time you are in the shop. No exceptions. 
  • Limited number of active shoppers allowed inside at a time. This is closely monitored. Occasionally you may have to wait if you don't have an appointment. We do our best to keep the crowds moving efficiently and quickly so you don't have to wait long.
  • Start your session with sanitizing.
  • Shopping time must be kept to 15 minutes, to abide by CDC guidelines.
  • If you're a planner or need more shopping time: Make a private shopping appointment HERE
  • Social distancing required inside of the store.
  • No special services repairs etc. during open hours, those are 100% appointment based only. To make a repair appointment click HERE.
  • Touch items with consideration and intention. 
  • Active shoppers inside only, no tagalong’s or browsers.
  • For safety reasons ALL children visitors must be kept with you at all times. The nature of our inventory does not permit children roaming. This is to keep them SAFE and strictly enforced. 
  • I know there are a lot of rules but we are doing our best to give you access to a magical shop so that you can continue your creativity which is so important right now your safety and our safety comes first. We appreciate you.
  • Please receive these guidelines with compassion and patience while we do what is best for our community. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but our EMPLOYEE SAFETY and customer safety comes before ANYTHING. Thanks for supporting our sweet little shop,  Georgia and the bead girls.
Following these guidelines is what allows us to be OPEN for business. Your compliance is required or you will be asked to leave. 

Visit with peace, patience and good energy only please.

Children policy:

We consider the bead shop to be a child free environment at this time. If you do make a private appointment with a child you will still be required to keep your child with you at all times. This is for their safety. We will remind you of this over and over as needed during your visit. Not only are beads dangerously small, it’s for sanitary reasons as well.  Compliance is required no matter how cute and well behaved your kids are. We love kids, but we love safety even more.

No exceptions. 

Store Hours:

Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am - 5 pm or by appointment!

Closed on Sunday & Monday for employee rest and happiness.

Safe shopping guidelines are strictly enforced. 

Following these guidelines is what allows us to be OPEN for business. Your compliance is required or you will be asked to leave.