multi-colored dyed agate slices on wooden ring wind chime on white background

Agate Wind Chimes on Wooden Ring

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The power of the wind is transformative. It can break down mountains and turn them into beaches. Now is a time of change, and these dyed agate slice wind chimes remind us of the slow, steady power that the wind carries with it at all times.

These wonderful wind chimes hang on wooden rings to optimize the contact needed between the stones to create the most pleasant sound. We love to think that with each ding, the good energy of the agate stones fills the space. 

These are beautiful indoors, hanging from a window, or brighten up a light fixture.

If you prefer outdoors, they are sturdy enough for that as well. I have one on my screen porch and another hanging from a tree in my back yard.  Wherever you decide to enjoy them, we hope they make you as happy as they make us!