Triple Glitter Medallion Necklace

Triple Glitter Medallion Necklace

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Over the top? Never! No such thing during Mardi Gras!

The Krewe of Red Beans (@redbeansparade) is working hard to create jobs for laid-off Mardi Gras Artists and musicians through their "Hire A Mardi Gras Artist" campaign. 

Beginning Jan. 6th (Happy Carnival!) we will be joining the campaign - offering special merchandise to support this initiative - and also, to support local small businesses!

We are offering most items for pre-order, so order online and we'll let you know when your limited edition glitter medallion necklaces are ready to pick up or ship! 

And look out for more special products throughout this carnival season!
only available on Magazine Street!


30" necklace with crystals and purple, green, and gold glitter medallions.

Hand beaded and made to order.