Surgical stainless steel post earrings

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Having sensitive ears does not mean you have to only buy solid gold expensive earrings! 

When I realized my teenage daughter had developed sensitive ears I also realized there were not a lot of options for surgical steel posts. Most of them were made for young children and therefore looked very childlike. I started making her own pearl studs out of real freshwater pearls and medical-grade stainless steel. People loved them, so here we are! 
The studs are available in many colors.

If you want a color not listed, please just let us know and I can make you a custom pair in any color you like! 

Please note the descriptions: some of these pearls are real, some of the larger ones are faux pearls, and there are crystal options as well. 

Each pair comes with two backs: a stabilizing back as well as a small surgical steel ear nut.