Hmong Tribal Pom Pom Wraps

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These beautiful hand made pieces were made in Thailand, by the women of the Hmong tribe. My mother went to Thailand and bought them directly from the artists, supporting their art in the most direct way possible.  
Featuring woven satin cording with many adornments: colorful beads, natural wood beads, bells, shells, Tassles, soft cotton pom poms, carved coconut shell accents, seeds and more. 

Each piece is hand made and will be different in some way. Please enjoy the surprise that awaits, they’re all interesting, colorful and beautiful. 

“Ok, love it, but what do I DO with it?”

These beautiful pieces have SO many uses: 
Funky fun belt
Lariat necklace
Wrap in to your hair 
Hang on a mantle or in your home
Car mirror decoration 
Wrap around a purse: bag swag!  
Curtain tie backs
Fancy ridiculous dog leash (see photo!)

I have mine at home hanging on a mirror, when I want to wear it, I just grab it for the day! 

What is Hmong?  
(Pronounced with a silent H) 
The Hmong are one of the most populous “hill-tribe” groups across Southeast Asia and are found in large numbers in northern Vietnam, northern Laos and in various provinces of north Thailand. They are known for their beautiful handmade textiles and fabric art. Thank you for helping us to support them. 
68” long 

$35.00 or two for $59