Where’s Your Mask Kit

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"Where's your mask" DIY Kids mask holder:

Always know where your mask is with our new personalized kids mask holder kit! These include a name of your choice, so your child can wear it at camp, school, or during day to day activities, without setting their mask down and risking it getting picked up, mixed up with others or contaminated. 

This DIY kit includes enough beads, cord, and supplies to make one mask holder at home. * See note below about tools and attachment.

Customize it with a name if you’d like. Just specify the name and the color of letter beads you’d like (white with gold, black with white, or white with black) in the “Notes” section at checkout. 

This kit is MADE to ORDER just for you. It is NOT immediately ready. Please wait to get your "Pickup Confirmation" email before coming to the shop.

If you choose to ship, you'll get an email that your order has been shipped! 

IMPORTANT NOTE about attachment:

Attention adult supervisor: This is an important piece that we want to be made to last. We have included a strong wire to string on. The secure clasp connection requires tools so that it doesn’t come apart during wear. 

You have a choice of TWO different ways to finish this piece off. Either string it the length you want at home and then bring it to The Bead Shop for a professional clasp attachment ($5.00 service charge, done while you wait) or you can use tools and do it yourself at home.  For DIY: The tools required are a cutter (nail clipper works great!) and a FLAT nose plier. (Needle nose or chain nose) 


Below is the printed information included in the kit:

The Bead Shop

   Let’s get started!  

Step 1: Grab a towel and lay it on a flat surface away from babies or curious pets! 

Step 2: Open your bead bags and pour them on your towel.

Step 3: Take your letter beads out (if you’re using them) and lay them out to spell the name. If you want your name to be near the front, string on your name beads first. After you string them on be sure to READ the word and make sure the beads are facing the proper direction. 

Step 4: If you’re a planner, lay out your bead design pattern on the towel before you begin to string. If you’d rather be impulsive about it and decide your pattern as you go, that is fine too! 

Step 5: Grab your beading wire and begin to fill it up with your design. While you are beading, please keep your wire resting on the table, so you don’t drop your beaded design. When you reach your desired length, get a grown up....you’ll need them involved in the next step.  

Step 6: If you’re doing the DIY clasp attachment: please go to our youtube page  www.youtube.com/TheBeadShopNewOrleans and choose “Beaded mask holder” video.